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About Us

Design is our passion! We are a firm of interior design who has strong faith in quality, excellence and honesty. Hence we design beautiful home interiors. Our team of innovative and creative interior designers work day and night to bring into reality the home of our dreams. We work with different styles which includes

  • 1. Classical
  • 2. Fusion
  • 3. Modern
  • 4. Industrial
  • To deliver a home you can be proud of our experts provides both concepts and designs to clients. We have experienced many situations which lets happiness of our customers and offered survices that delight them. Our team of designers are skilled craftsman who can convert client’s ideas into successful projects. We go many steps beyond which lets us to approach and simplifies the process of designing our home.

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    The designing of a building and other physical structure is termed as architectural design. We need to be clear on our needs and goals when we are searching for the right architectural design.

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    Every building, whether it is residential or commercial requires renovation work after a period of time. Long and Short-term t damage, can be constructed from a construction worker.

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    About Sunil Kumar. K.S

    Sunil Kumar.K.S experience has been multidisciplinary. He has spent over a decade in proprietor. His expertise also extends in handling, marketing, purchasing and Inspection of accounts departments.

    As a ERP in charge and Asst Planning In-Charge in Featherlite – Bangalore Sunil Kumar.K.S is always exploring new expressions and possibilities. He is the perfect complement of the skills that is related to administrator, handling projects and facility maintenance.The expertise also extends to lighting, painting, furniture, photography, etc But above all, partnering with clients to get the best possible results is something he firmly believes in.

    Our Services Plan

    Art Director

    Interior Art Director has combination of both science and art. It is a field where our creativity and technical knowledge reflects the correct art form.

    Interactive Designer

    An interior interactive design is well planned and structured way of designing our interiors.

    Architectural Visualizer

    Architectural visualization is the technique of developing imagery things that precisely illustrate the planned environment, even before on start of construction.

    Interior Designer

    A Interior designer does the budgeting and saves your effort and time for the same. A good designer helps you to increase the sale or resale value of your house.

    Residential Design

    Everybody knows about the way that arranging a most attractive house that can satisfy our desire and needs much time and a big budget.

    Commercial Design

    In order to serve as a unique display and to enhance the best look, glass display cabinet is in high demand.

    Our Vision

  • 1. That we walk all our talk, full stretch
  • 2. That we deliver success, not merely a slogan
  • 3. That we convert each of our services as our goodwill ambassador.
  • Our Mission

  • 1. To evolve our organization attuned to our commitment to customers
  • 2. To keep our value proposition, customer orientation and service
  • 3. delivery as our engine of distinct leadership.

  • Our Success

    Happy Customers
    Finished Projects
    Working Hours